2nd October 2016

Traverse Pfand (pronounced ‘fant’)

Traverse Pfand So, the other day I was watching a friend opening her packs of Traverse cards, and I noticed just how incredibly carefully she did it. Pulling back the barcode sticker very slowly and releasing the packet flap with a deft flick of the thumb, she then took the inside booklet and cards out […]

25th September 2016

Three Questions… Di Slaney

Is Poetry relevant today? Of course – poetry is always relevant! And perhaps even more so now, when attention spans are short through the influence of social media. Everyone still has time to read a poem – by far the best way to start and end the day. When did you first know you loved […]

25th September 2016

Plentiful, Mid_rare, Rare, Super_rare…

Traverse are beautifully produced cards for the poetry lover in you (even if you don’t know it yet!) They come in lovely little packs filled with 3 super-collectable cards, ranging in scarcity through Plentiful, Mid_rare, Rare and Super_rare. Short for ‘Trading Verse’, Traverse brings together brand new poems from contemporary poets with hidden gems from […]

12th August 2016

Three Questions… Fawzia Kane

Is Poetry relevant today? Poetry exposes our subconscious, our true selves. It is the human conscience of the arts. When did you know you first loved poetry? As a child, I think during Daada, my paternal grandfather’s bedtime stories. They were spoken as a chant and they always ended on: crick crack! monkey break he […]

11th August 2016

Three Questions… Wayne Burrows

Is Poetry relevant today? It depends what we mean by ‘relevant’ and which poems in particular we’re talking about. This question usually means something along the lines of ‘does it fit comfortably into the world we live in today?’ or ‘can it ever hope to compete with TV?’. In a way, it’s like asking whether […]