25th September 2016

Plentiful, Mid_rare, Rare, Super_rare…

Traverse are beautifully produced cards for the poetry lover in you (even if you don’t know it yet!) They come in lovely little packs filled with 3 super-collectable cards, ranging in scarcity through Plentiful, Mid_rare, Rare and Super_rare.

Short for ‘Trading Verse’, Traverse brings together brand new poems from contemporary poets with hidden gems from some of our literary giants in a series we like to call Volume 1 (we call it this because this way you can make up your own poetry anthology in whatever order you like!)

Poets in Volume 1 include Shakespeare, Keats, William Blake, William Morris, Edna St Vincent Millay, Ian McMillan, Mimi Khalvati, Pascale Petit, Susan Wicks and 12 more. And we also have Special Limited Editions that pop up when we appear in festivals and fairs.

Our Plentiful cards come in a rainbow of colours from Mimi Khalvati’s turquoise to Anna Robinson’s lime green to Di Slaney’s chocolate brown. Our Mid_rare cards are all hand embossed (using a tiny little mangle-like embossing machine) and you’ll see Wayne Burrows’ hula waves, Aphra Behn’s love hearts and Ian McMillan’s shower of dotty coins. Of our Rare cards, Keats’ is golden, Pascale Petit is wonderfully glossy, and Susan Wicks’ poem conceals an invisible deer.  And William Blake’s Super_rare card is the most special of all. This card has at its heart a microchip – tap it on the back of your smart phone and you’ll be transported to a video of David Constantine reading both Blake’s A Divine Image (our Traverse card poem) and The Divine Image.

To put a poet in your pocket and buy your Traverse poetry trading cards, visit our papa site, Stonewood Press, on www.stonewoodpress.co.uk.


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