Plentiful poets! Volume 1 (Part 2)

John Clare, Fawzia Kane, Di Slaney, Paul Blake, Pippa Hennessy, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Traverse poetry trading cards are a mixture of contemporary and long-loved poems. Our plentiful poets cover the range of experience from emerging contemporary poets like Di, Paul and Pippa to renowned poets such as Mimi Khalvati and Ian McMillan to literary giants including Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and John Clare.

The Plentiful cards

Our plentiful cards are the classic trading cards. When you open your Traverse pack, chances are you’ll find more than one of our plentiful cards. If you get the same poem twice, just pass it on to someone else who’ll love it too or find a friend to swap with!

John Clare #13

John Clare #13

Known as the Northamptonshire Peasant Poet, Clare was born into a peasant family in Helpston, England. He is considered to be among the most important 19th-century poets.

Fawzia Kane #3

Fawzia Kane #3

Born in Trinidad, Fawzia is an architect and poet who lives & works in London. Her collections are Tantie Diablesse (Waterloo Press) and Houses of the Dead (Thamesis)

Di Slaney #14

Di Slaney #14

is an award winning poet & publisher (Candlestick Press). Her debut pamphlet is Dad’s Slideshow (Stonewood Press), her first full collection A Reward for Winter (Valley Press).


Elizabeth Barrett Browning #19

Elizabeth Barrett Browning #19

was one of the most prominent English poets of the Victorian era. Born in Northern England she lived in London, USA and Italy. Elizabeth was a rival to Tennyson for Poet Laureate.

Paul Blake #7

Paul Blake #7

lives in London and works as a medical writer. His debut pamphlet is A Massacre of Hummingbirds (Stonewood Press).

Pippa Hennessy #16

Pippa Hennessy #16

is a writer, publisher, editor and teacher, and she runs Nottingham Writers’ Studio (Nottingham, UK). Her interests range from quantum theory to Celtic knotwork.

Fun Factoid: Produces beautiful calligraphy artworks

"Paul Blake"

Fun Factoid: Her debut collection Tantie Diablesse was a Bocas Lit Fest poetry finalist in 2012.

"Fawzia Kane"

Fun Factoid: Campaigned for the abolition of slavery


"Elizabeth Barrett Browning"

Fun Factoid: Rescues battery-farm chickens.

"Di Slaney"

Fun Factoid: Was a member of the Oundle Militia

"John Clare"

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Fun Factoid: is a book typesetter and designer

"Pippa Henessy"