Rare poets! Volume 1

John Keats, Pascale Petit, Susan Wicks.

Traverse poetry trading cards are a mixture of contemporary and long-loved poems. Our rare poets include renown contemporary poets Susan Wicks and Pascale Petit, and literary giant John Keats.

The Rare cards

If you’re very lucky, you might find a rare Traverse card when you open your pack. These are specially finished cards in lacquer or gold foil. If you get one, add it quickly to your collection or, if you’re incredibly lucky and get the same poem twice, find a friend to swap with!

John Keats #12

John Keats #12

was an English Romantic poet. Known for his odes and sonnets, Keats is now probably one of the best-loved and most quoted of all English poets.

Pascale Petit #9

Pascale Petit #9

is a French/Welsh poet who has published six collections, four of which were shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize. Her seventh, Mama Amazonica (Bloodaxe), will be published in 2017.

Susan Wicks #5

Susan Wicks #5

is an English poet, fiction writer & translator. She has published seven full collections of poetry with Bloodaxe. Susan is one of the original Poetry Review’s New Generation Poets.

Fun Factoid: Her favourite bird is the hummingbird

"Pascale Petit"

Fun Factoid: He trained in medicine at Guy’s Hospital, London

"John Keats"

Put A Poet In Your Pocket

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Fun Factoid: She grew up as her parents’ only child in a foster family for Dr Barnado’s.

"Susan Wicks"